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Apr 172012


April 17, 2012

by Justin Waldman

This year NAB hosted a large number diverse media/broadcast/internet companies that included Sony, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Canon, Adobe, Broadcast Electronics, BSW, B&H, Microsoft, and many more.  This event is hosted in LasVegas, NV every year to bring for the newest and most innovative products on the the ever expanding media/broadcast and internet market.

Among the many exhibitors included satellite hardware vendors, massive media mobile news vans and associated equipment and more. One of the seminars I had the pleasure to see was presented by Sony Creative Software, makers of a long list of notable video production software, post production effects, cutting edge “plug-ins” for their popular Sony Vegas Pro-Video, now acclaimed as one of the most innovative and complete video post production software on the market.

This years NAB 2012 Show is reported to have record number of attendees from around the world.

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