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Jul 292011


July 29, 2011

We know your pride and arrogance will not let you admit that your covert Socialist/Marxist agenda has failed with the American People.  You will not accept the rightful responsibility of what you and your henchmen have done to our economy.  You have blamed President Bush once too many times.  You have betrayed the TRUST of the American People.

Not only have you been blaming Mr. Bush, you have consistently blamed us, the American grassroots movement called the Tea Party, and us who are conservative.  Who do you think you are?  Why don’t you admit that you are a worst failure than your predecessor. Most Americans don’t realize that your party started controlling both sides of Congress in the 2006 election, thanks to ACORN and your UNION buddies.

Yes, we know Mr. Bush made some mistakes, but with all of his imperfections, you ARE the worst example of a leader that ever sat in the Oval Office. Mr. Bush had a liberal Congress to deal with in the last two years of his administration.  Your desk is where the buck stops as far as your crisis solution lies.  Don’t blame Congress or the Tea Party, Conservatives, the GOP.  Your are in charge, so the blame for our DEBT CRISIS is in your hands.  Your party and agenda are what created this “crisis.” Just like TARP, Stimulus, Health Care, Banking, budget crisis in December, and now this crisis.


You are a Marxist, wealth redistribution proponent, socialist who hates America and wants to destroy it!  The only obstacle in your way is our Precious Constitution.  We get our rights from God, not from man. Your anger tantrums destroy your image!  You and your progressive liberal friends have used Sal Alinsky’s tactics to get your way and ruin many people’s lives.  We have news for you, Mr. President, THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

Your phony rhetoric and carefully placed words have deceived many of my fellow Americans.  Our eyes are OPEN now.  We see what you are doing.  You dishonor your office and the White House.  All of us can see through you, even though you hide your activities behind closed doors, having proclaimed to be “the most transparent administration” ever.  You blame the Republicans, even though your party controls the WH and half of Congress.  You did not even know how to control your Congress when you had both sides.

GDP growth is only 1.3%; previously GDP has been revised to 0.4%!  Our National Debt has already doubled what Mr. Bush acquired in his 8-years of office.  You haven’t even finished your “only” term. Just for the record, we hope you are a ONE TERMER!  We cannot afford to have you turn into a tyrant during a second term.  We do not want you to destroy our precious Nation and Constitution.  We desire FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE under a “free-market” society, and not a dictatorship or Socialist State.

Unemployment is the worst it has ever been in decades.  The number is 9.2% as of the last report, it is really higher if you include all of us who are unemployed and underemployed.  Oh, I get it, you want everybody living off the government so you can ruin the free market and create a “dependent” society that is controlled by government. Ah, that’s Marxism.  Remember, the guys you like to hang out with when you were in college, “the Marxists, the Latinos, revolutionaries..?”

Oh, does America remember your video sound bite that under your “version” of “cap and trade”, “electricity prices would NECESSARILY SKYROCKET…” Huh, these facts would tell us that your intentions for our Nation are nefarious; you really want to CRASH our economy so you can bring in your national control under the unconstitutional health care and Financial Reform Act to control our lives.

Face it Mr. Obama, you have been lying to the American People to subvert our Constitution and bring in your brand of Socialism/Marxism, maybe calling it “State Controlled Capitalism”… like China.  If you were CEO of GM, you would have e FIRED already.  I pray to the Lord God Almighty that your plans not only FAIL by coming unraveled, and that they be exposed to the world.

Mr. Obama, you are a complete failure and the worst president in the history of the United States of America.  May the Glory be given to the LORD God our Creator, in Jesus’ Name.  God bless America.

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